Payment Policy

Payment Security

Our website utilizes SSL to protect web browsing, email, messaging, and financial transactions. SSL encryption increases the difficulty of hacking or data theft. SLL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a set of cryptographic protocols that provide security during digital communications for eCommerce payment systems.

We have fully implemented the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance. The payment card industry security standard council was formed in the year 2006. It ensures that the companies who deal with the accepting, processing, storing and transmitting credit card information have to maintain a secure environment. PCI DSS is not a law in itself but a standard made by a collaboration of various branded card company like Visa, Mastercard, JCB, AMEX and Discover. If your company is not PCI compliant has to face some serious consequences like fines, card replacement cost, costly forensic audits and off-course lost to brand image.

PCI Compliance

Secure Network
maintain a firewall to protect customer data

Data Protection
protect and encrypt cardholder data transmissions

Risk Management
maintain secure systems by targeting vulnerabilities

Access Control
restrict access to cardholder data by a need-to-know basis

regularly monitoring networks and track access to resources

maintain a policy that addresses security

Alcohol Premises License - Terms & Conditions

The Licensing Act 20031 requires premises at which the retail sale of alcohol takes place to have a premises licence. We are holding an Alcohol premises license for each our branch. During your purchase online or in the physical shop a customer will be asked every time to prove age over 18 by showing a valid ID. Our divers will ask every customer to provide valid ID during the delivery process. Any alcoholic product will not be sold if the customer’s ID is not valid or the customer’s age is under 18. Our policy also doesn’t allow to sell alcohol a customer that is already drunk.

Please drink responsibly. For the facts, visit

1  Covers England and Wales: Scotland and Northern Ireland have their own licensing regimes, which differ in some ways.

Do you experiencing the 'AVS mismatch' error message?​

An AVS mismatch is when the billing address provided at checkout does not match the billing address or payment credentials on file with the card issuer. The Billing Address doesn’t have to be necessarily the same as the Shipping Address. Please ensure that you inserting the correct Billing and Shipping Address.

Payment Cancellation & Refund Policy

There is no cancellation fee applied in our shops or eCommerce. The customer will receive a coupon of the value of the cancelled purchase if a customer’s purchase is cancelled for any reason. The coupon will be sent to the customer’s email within 30 days. The coupon can be applied only once and within 30 days after receiving. We apologize for any inconvenience that may cause you.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

last update 28/04/2020